Don’t hang with people who make you justify your vibe. Black holes don’t give the light back.

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I’m really just trying to make the best choice. I don’t want to make a mistake this time.

Hoping it all pays off in the end.
Digital Madrid | Digital Madrid 1.5

Digital Madrid is live now! Check out the amazing artists and their work now. Reblog

Digital Madrid 1.5 coming this Saturday!

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Digital Madrid 1.5 coming this Saturday!
Digital Madrid is this Saturday guys!
Digital Madrid commercial :) Reblog pls
ghostofcleo: why you so cool mane?

I’m not but you are 😘

June 7th to b exact! I will be digital for all to see for around three days. This is not an exhibition you want to miss! —>
June 7th I will be going digital! Hopefully you will do the same!
Anonymous: your face looks weird. r u african ???

Lol why yes I am. My mother’s side has mainly Ethiopian roots and my father’s side is African and Indian (not Native American but Indian).