As Stephen Colbert or any great satirist will tell you, a key to satire is to always stay in character. In The Onion’s case, that “character” is an absurd, alternative world invented to comment on the real one. Every aspect of the fake world has to ring true for the trick to work. That includes the visuals. When nothing you publish is real, every single image has to be made from scratch. “We want to make sure that we’re making our Onion-world fully realized and very real,” says Ben Berkley, managing editor of The Onion. It’s all in service of the joke.
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"talking" about racism makes you uncomfortable…how do you think "living" with racism feels?
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J.Cole pays his respect to Mike Brown

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Location- Oakland California (2009)

Oscar Grant a 22 year old black male at a train station on New Year’s Day got into an altercation on the train. Police Officers removed Grant and other’s from the train and sat them down against a wall at Fruitvale Train Station for questioning. Grant was…

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